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Blog: Einstein in the News

Einstein's time of space and relative peace
Monday, April 18, 2005

It was the place where the celebrated genius went to escape the madding crowds. And for three glorious summers the modest wooden summerhouse in the lakeside village of Caputh, near Potsdam, provided Albert Einstein and his family with the perfect retreat.

Now the bulldozers are putting the finishing touches to the garden before it and the house are opened to the public next month for the rest of this year.

Then the summerhouse becomes a centre for seminars and lectures, in accordance with Einstein's wishes. While it is open visitors will be able to see the simple study-bedroom where he wrote some of his most famous scientific papers, the roof terrace, with its sweeping views over the shimmering Lake Templin, and the enamel tub in which he bathed.

The opening is part of a year of celebrations in Germany marking the anniversaries of Einstein's theory of relativity, which he wrote in 1905, and his death in the US 50 years ago today.
Full story from Guardian Unlimited.

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